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Vegan Kids


Vegan Kids


We all know what kids love to eat and will not mind having more of it too! Kids love chocolate and candies by the truckloads and even can have them in any form. Likewise, in terms of their daily diet, a few might love to have eggs, chicken or fish or any vegetable too cooked in any form. However, in the present times, we are seeing people ditching these forms of dairy or poultry product consumption and going only for veganism.

What is veganism? A vegan is a person who is a vegetarian, but he also does not eat any dairy or poultry product. That simply means that they eat vegetables, and that’s it! They do not eat cheese, milk or eggs. Some parents have made it their lifestyles and have included it in their children’s life too. This has drawn up a lot of criticism from one and all. Many claim that vegan kids might get the lesser nutrition that way. Milk consumption plays a vital role in the child’s growth and bone strength in the growing years. Being a vegan, he might never get to have milk and therefore, not develop strong bones.

What’s the Brouhaha about Veganism?

Being a vegetarian, where one can still use regular toothpaste and animal fat or gelatin in their desserts or cosmetics, a vegan will not use them. Ideally speaking, the vegans will carefully use only vegan food and specific materials that do not have anything to do with animal products.

But as we said earlier, will the kids suffer?

Nutritionists claim that just as vegetarian children consume vegetable protein to get nutrition for the body, vegan kids do the same. We do not need to challenge the nutritional food that is available to the vegetarians since we know that there are many.

Similarly, a person who knows the balanced diet and the ways to implement it in life will also be aware of cooking the best dishes that are highly nutritional too. When it comes to veganism, there are once more, these naysayers, and skeptical and health-food eaters. They too have voiced their concern more in this case since the vegans do not even have the little extra protein or calcium that the vegetarians might consume.

Can Vegans get Nutrition and be Healthy?

Typically, we must understand that the nutrients like Vitamin B12 and calcium are missing in a vegan’s diet. Even Vitamin D or protein goes missing from the vegan food. However, just as vegetarians have funded a way to compensate many of the animal nutrients from plants, and dairy, the vegans too have got success.

Vegans are healthy and by carefully picking the right vegetables and fruits, vegans can also remain so all life. Making sure that children get to eat all the fruits, and in right quantity daily makes sense. Even balancing a proper diet in their growing and later in adult life can make a person remain fit too.

A Little about the Vegan Nutrition

Vegans can look for all the nutrients in the food they eat. Modern dietary supplements will also help in growing or adult life. However, there are some really delicious vegan recipes to make these foods very interesting and healthy at the same time.

  • Soybeans and soy milk: Both Soya beans and soy milk are abundant sources of protein, iron, and calcium. Did we say that you can also fulfill your dairy crave with the soy milk? Using the soybeans daily can give the body the combined energy and benefit of all of this nutrition in a balanced manner.
  • Green vegetables: Just as vegetarians draw their best energy and strength of the bones from the green vegetables, vegans also do the same. Vegans can look for calcium in leafy vegetables, like spinach, broccoli, kale, and others.
  • Cereals: Have it for breakfast, or lunch or as mid-meal snacks- cereals and muesli with nuts like almonds are intensely packed with iron and Vitamin B12. Almonds, walnuts and chia seeds are superb supplements containing Omega 3 Fatty acids too.
  • Lentils: Pulses and grains contain iron and are rich in Vitamins too undoubtedly. Having these for the main meals of the day can strengthen and give enough nutrient.
  • Starchy vegetables: Beet, corn, yam, sweet potato, and pumpkins are the best source for starch in food. Vegans usually prefer these in their diet.
  • Fruits: Fruits with natural sugar or glucose content like mangoes, and apples, jackfruits, and pineapple, can form a part of the regular diet.

What Vegans can Makes for Kids?

We know kids are fussy eaters and that is why we have come up with a few vegan recipes.

  • For kid’s breakfast: Tortillas with fruits and or chickpeas stuffing or corn is a great way to start the day. If you are fine with soy milk, then have the milk and mix it with oatmeal to give a wholesome breakfast with oatmeal pancakes. Granola, and cereals with orange juice make for the best food for kids in the morning rush before school.
  • For kid’s lunch: Vegetable burger, with fresh vegetable salads and baked beans and quinoa with vegetables or lentils, can make for a wholesome lunch too.
  • For snacks: Try your hands at making wraps to burritos, to sandwiches and add a fruit of your child’s choice. Does she love fruit juice after coming home from school? Why not make smoothies of her choice of berries or even with greens? Quiche with tofu and mushrooms or tomatoes and onions and broccoli makes for a fantastic snack.
  • For dinner: Quinoa and millets have a lot of nutritional value and are definitely healthy and filling. Broccoli pasta with tofu and other veggies make for a great dinner item.

Who said being a vegan is going to be boring? These vegan recipes are very healthy and ideal for the high metabolism rate of any active child. These dishes drive home the point that vegan dishes too can pack in similar good health that meat or eggs do!

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